Gender Zine (2016)
The Gender Zine is a research on historical and contemporary gender representation. Including a brief overview of artists and writers that involved their work in the realm of gender. What is the masculine or the feminine these days? And did (social) networks actually change our perspectives on this topic? The RISO printed publication includes two coloured gradient images that symbolise the fluidity of our gender spectrum.

Ernst van Hoek
Ernst van Hoek is a Dutch Berlin based designer, art director and artist interested in queer- & internet culture and their manifestation in the fields of art and design. After graduating he has been involved with design and film projects. Since the beginning of the coronavirus Van Hoek has started exploring the world of the paper cut-outs. He approaches the creation of imagery in a personal and unique manner, with a bright and contrasting use of colour. A wide range of sources, photographs or real objects inspire his fascination (especially) with contemporary representation of the queer body. Van Hoek sees the creation of the cut-outs as learning a new language, a way of communicating between artist and audience, maker and client. He sees this art as a medium where he is open to collaborate with fellow artists, designers and other creators.
instagram: ernst_du_coin

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