Hard Mag: Published by Dan Mitchell

Hard Mag is stronger than reason, and as such its content may trigger thoughts and feelings that some people may find difficult, offensive, disturbing etc… Strictly no one under the age of 18 may purchase.

Our daily lives are now standardised by; pornography, violence, heavy drug use, fear, trolling, conspiracy, paranoia - themes that Hard Mag has been exploring since its inception in 2004

Essentially the work is about readability of the images and therefore what the images are of. The images in Hard Mag are the closest betrayal of what it is to be human, i.e. as actors on the stage of psychopathology. Pornographic images are in effect images of people engaged in willing madness as they display primal concerns dressed up as modern exchanges of libidinal capital.

Pornography is still understood as a minor genre; the pervert going to sex-shops, or online assisted masturbation. But in reality, it is actually a constant in our daily society, it is our reality, hidden underneath layers of cosmetic and scripted thoughts, actions, words and feelings. Neoliberal capitalism is essentially pornographic as Paul B. Preciado puts it; ‘Pharmacopornographic’. Hard Mag reveals the layers underneath like in the Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ or the fiction of J.G. Ballard.

Defending ourselves against the neoliberal battle within, the frontline of which runs through our very cores, this is our common task, Hard Mag acts as a training manual to help you be adequately armed.

Hard Mag Inventory and Price list

0. Pilot issue, very few left, £10, Plymouth destroys itself. Offset Litho B/W and Colour, A5

1. £5.00, Interview with JG Ballard, Photographic assignment by Josephine Pryde, Comic by Mike Diana, Comes with free CD featuring The Devil, Victim, The Company and Epideme, Plus free A3 Hard Mag poster. Offset Litho B/W and Colour, A5 plus

2. £5.00, The Student Edition, Artworks by CSM students. Digital print B/W and Colour A5

3. Very few left, £10, The psychopathology of the British Snail & The 2007/8 crash and East End galleries. Digital print B/W and Colour A5

4. £5.00, Cologne/London, Mental illness and art criticism, Kiron Khosla, Marc Von Schiegell. Digital print Colour A5

5. Last few left £20, Collaboration with Ed Lehan. Digital print Colour A4Plus

6. Last few left £15, Rolls Royce Psychopathology and Sexual advise from Stalin, Top Gear Shame. Digital print Colour A5Plus

7. VERY RARE, £25, Hitler's Dog Shit Jokes. Digital print Colour A4Plus

8. Very few left £15, Chinese Propaganda re-tooled. Digital print Colour A5Plus

9. Very few left £20, Sloppy with Angharad Williams & London Destroyed. Digital print Colour A4Plus

10. Last few left £20, Lifestyle Edition. Digital print Colour A4Plus

11. £10, Hollywood and the Ultra Left. Digital print Colour A4Plus

12. £10, Tennis, GTA, and MEGA Violence. Digital print Colour A4Plus

13. £10 The North, European Pornography and Nuclear War. Digital print Colour A4Plus

14. £10 Offence, Reaction, The Internet. Digital print Colour A4Plus

15. £10 Trolling, Nazi/Soviet Propaganda and Filth. Digital print Colour A4Plus

16. £15 Death Lolz Presents… Publication, with Caroline Busta and Saim Demircan + 20 real artists and Rebel album ‘DEATH LOLZ’. Digital print Colour A4

17. £10. New Hard Mag, For The Whole Family. Digital print Colour A4Plus



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