My name is Jada Bruney, I'm a 20 year old designer and artist and I sell the publications 'SLANGPHABET' and 'Southside Story'.

My main motivation to make these books was to give the area and people I grew up around with in South London more representation. I believe it is also important to help others gain a better understanding of real South London culture - in the past I would know people too scared to visit because of the bad stereotypes of the area. Language is something we can all use and learn, it crosses borders and opens new doors that could never be opened before. I think it's better to decide to understand and accept a variety of different words instead of enforcing speaking "real" English. Language is constantly evolving, and London is one of the most diverse melting pots of cultures globally - and these publications capture this moment in time vibrantly. I created the illustrations, fonts and designed all of the products I sell by myself. I have sold internationally to places such as NYC and Florida and also across UK markets such as Brixton, Lambeth Country Show, Bamstock Festival, Peckham Levels and with the Makeshift Foundation. 

Website to buy products and prints:
IG: @jada_art@jadabruney / @slangphabet

SLANGPHABET (video flip through 1):
SOUTHSIDE STORY (video flip through 2):

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