SPAM zine & Press. It is time for poetry to enter the post-internet age, and SPAM zine wishes to take upon its shoulder the weight of this herculean enterprise. To bridge the gap between the internet divine and the pathetic IRL; to make poetry meme, and meme poetry; to watch highbrow theory and pop culture have animalistic sex live on Facebook; to Make Poetry Cool Again – that is what SPAM zine is for.

Starship has an international focus, most of the texts are published in English, since most of our regular writers are English speaking anyway. Our last magazine issue with a cover by Nora Schultz, titled "Apocolypse of the praktikal moment" was published in February 2020, now seemingly anticipating the shift in our lives. During the recent months we have decided to publish some of our books in English translations. They are collections of texts by German artist-writers, and available only via Starship and also available in German.

Starship magazine is published by Gerry Bibby, Mihaela Chiriac, Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ariane Mueller, and Henrik Olesen. The graphic design is by Dan Solbach.


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