Sarah Staton and the Everyday Press, present "SupaStore Inventory" a new publication composed from drawing and text, recording the many iterations and contributing artists, that comprise the SupaStore series. For ASP we will video conference via a zoom link up between London and SupaStore Academy at Nida Art Colony.

Inspired by a fascination for the methods of retail, the travelling salesman and the snake oil peddler, SupaStore is a mutable pop up that has traversed the globe since 1993. SupaStore is an artists project, a forum for the display and sale of small artwork, multiples and editions and a social hub. The first iteration SupaStore93, was hosted by Dan Mitchell in a cavernous first floor space on Charing Cross Road, (later known as Poster Studio), the ASP publication launch corresponds with the opening of the first permanent SupaStore Academy at Nida Art Colony in Lithuania.

At SupaStore Academy we have a new presentation platform, exploring the education context. Not merely focused on price point, nor just an exhibition space or concept store; this is a dialogical platform liberated from the restraints of branded education, where professors, students and shoppers exchange equally. SupaStore Academy assembles all kinds of smaller works, transportable works, mail art and conceptual art, architecture, design, craft and useful things by students and faculty of Art Academies in the UK and EU. 




Password: 572841