Sick Monday is a film program curated by artists Dean Kenning, Vanessa Scully & Liam Scully. Commissioning radical new artist video.  

"Sick Monday" is a celebration of the "video nasty", its influence on contemporary video artists, and its overlooked critical capacity to express social and political truths in an exuberant style. Sick Monday presents eighteen newly commissioned short videos and posters, from a series of three screening programmes presented in 2018.

In order of appearance: 

Antoine Catala, Sophie Carapetian, Dean Kenning, Beagles & Ramsay, Lee Holden & Josephine Wood, John Russell, David Burrows, Vanessa Scully, Birgit Ludwig, Anita Delaney, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, A.K Bindesbøll & Ava Fersi, Laure Provoust, Ada Wesolowska, Ben Rivers, Jason File, Liam Scully and Paul McCarthy.

Also includes commissioned text by horror film scholar, Dr Lindsay Hallam. 




All posters for sale at £10and Blu-ray £25

Sick Monday is supported by Arts Council England.