Stefan Szczelkun. I’ve been making books since 1972. Most are listed here:

Recently I’ve decided to stop working in artists collectives and concentrate on putting projects into book format.

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A flick through of my current book 'SILENCE!'  

"This is a joyous, exuberant book about working class oppression. This may seem like a contradiction in terms but read the rich variety within its covers, and discover how important it is to sing out against the silencing of working class culture."

Diane Reay

A flick through of a previous book 'COMPOSTION' [sic]

"The beautiful arrangements of rooting vegetable matter in Compostion entice and repel simultaneously. They are like the lovely matter of the commodity. It is as though each scene or frame has been arranged with a painterly eye for detail, for colour, for form, producing a still-life after Dutch painting of the seventeenth century that reminds the viewer of transience, death and putrefaction, of the corpse one will become; or the austere paintings of Cotàn, his ‘bodegónes’ representing the everyday through arrangements of vegetables in  a shallow and precisely defined space. There is a similar light and a similar high drama in Szczelkun’s photographs, a quiet constraint that then rebounds on reflection."

Sharon Kivland

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