THE LIVING NEWSPAPER.The idea of a living newspaper originally emerged from a distributive practice of reading aloud newspapers to illiterate factory workers in Bolshevik Russia. This evolved into "agitation teams" made of workers organised into theatre and propaganda groups, who would enact information and propaganda from newspapers to other workers.

The Living Newspaper was originally produced for the exhibition Inside Job, a group show of work by members of staff who work(ed) for Tate. It took two formats, as a published tabloid–style newspaper distributed in the staff room and at the staff entrance of Tate Modern, and as a series of discrete performances enacted by members of staff from a variety of different departments of Tate Modern during the hours of their waged–work throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The performances were sourced from a variety of archives and documents generated by or about Tate Modern, from a chronology of performance art at Tate Modern, the managerial operations of the institution, and the strategic copting of vocabularies and aesthetics of relational art into the branding and public image propagated by the museum.


24 page colour tabloid newsprint publication written, designed and published by Elaine Reynolds, Chris Timms and Frank Wasser.

Originally distributed to workers for free.

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