Alan Lodge – Photographer

A photographer dealing with aspects of ‘alternative’ lifestyles and sub-cultures. Photographing many free and commercial events, 'free party' events ('rave culture'), environment protest, land rights with surrounding social concerns. He aims to present a more positive view of people and communities that are frequently misrepresented.

Noted for covering political and environmental actions, such protest frequently involving policing operations, especially in relation to surveillance.

Work has been produced for publication, galleries, digital and slide projections at events and presented at large scale in public space. Moving beyond photography, he has experimented with mixed media involving printed text, projected imagery and zines.

A post-graduate of Nottingham Trent University with an MA degree in Photography, Lodge specialised in issues surrounding representation, presenting himself in print and audio-visual format. A member of the National Union of Journalists, he is a documentary photographer, a photo-journalist and ‘storyteller’ always on the lookout to cover the different strands of such related issues.

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