ASP3 will, like its predecessors, feature over seventy British and international independent artist self-publishers for the one-day fair. As with the 2015 and 2016 editions, the fair will show artist self-publishers only and will continue to avoid the restrictions and market dominance that affects much of contemporary arts culture. The publications are still the art works: affordable and available, free from the fetters of the institution or gallery, the ideas, images and text are produced and published by artists who understand the restrictions and freedoms of the printed page. 

Artists and Publications:

24 Hours in the Sky - - 53 Beck Road - Adam Gallagher - Alexander Pollard - Ami Clarke and Isaac Olvera - Arnaud Desjardins - Art Against Art - Behind the X - Blotter Books - Bronze Age - Bus - Callum Hughes - Clod - Coelcanth Journal - Choking Files - Control - Courtroom - Da Thirst - Dan Szor - Dick Jewell - Eleanor Vonne Brown - Emily Pope - eeodo - Florida - Gate Arts Centre - Gregor Wright - Good Press - Hannah Sawtell - Hard Mag - Hate Magazine - Inventory - Isobel Reddington - Jamie and Rickie McNeill - Jasmin Reif - Jean-Michel Wicker - Laugh Magazine - Lawrence Leaman and Oliver Williams - Leon Sadler - Luke Dowd - Morbid Books - Mark Pawson - Markus Vater - Matthias Connor - Melanie Coles - Michael Crowe - Michalis Pichler - Milly Thompson and Alison Jones - Museums Press - The Nervemeter - Nicholas Smith OCR - Owen Piper - Patrick Goddard - Pound Shop - Robert Parkinson and Aaron Guy - Rachal Bradley - Rachel Cattle - Racheal Crowther - Richard Dodwell - Richard Parry - Richard Roberts - Sara MacKillop - Schizm - Setsuko - Simon Popper - Soft Regime - Starship - Steve Richards - Stuart Bannocks - Stuart Perkins - Sunridge Avenue Projects - William Cobbing - ztscrpt

Background music provided by: DJ Black Eggs

ASP3 Expanded Programme

In the ICA’s Lower Gallery, ASP3 presents a trio of projects that include live-publishing, improvised music, spoken word and an exhibition of printed matter and related ephemera:
ASP Assembling Project A collaborative live-publishing project that will compile, produce, print and publish contributions from ASP3 participants for the duration of the event. The publications will be available to purchase on the day.
Music for Self-Publishing Experimental music performances, recordings and audio interventions for the duration of ASP3. Organised by Ruth Angel Edwards with Lord Tusk, they are producing a distinctive audio accompaniement to Nervemeter and the ASP Assembling Project.

Nervemeter Magazine presents a temporary exhibition, coinciding with ASP3 at the ICA, showcasing the work done by vendors of the magazine. There will be a series of drawings by Aidee, the first ever Nervemeter vendor, Minkie, now a celebrated artist who has recently completed a degree in fine art, and the painter Brandan Quick, a long-time friend of the publication. There will also be readings of written work by vendors periodically throughout the day, including Little Jay's Prison Diary, short fiction and poems by Michael Brady of Peckham, and Aslan's accounts of being a traveler. Nervemeter are also exhibiting a range of ephemera including posters and artwork, as well as notebooks used to gather text material that was later used in various issues of the magazine.

Ruth Angel Edwards & Lord Tusk
Provide Music for sef publishing.

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