Ballpark is a London-based collective of artists working with moving image. It is run by Aimée Neat, Susanne Dietz and Sun Park and Sarah Lewis, who create the regular group exhibition series Reality Sandwiches along with collaborative projects. 
For ASP6 we present Short Straw: Editional Text a zine that accompanies eponymous moving image work made originally in 2019, exploring the notion of interdependence in collaborative filmmaking. Employing the rule of Exquisite Cadaver, the process attempts a telepathic communication between artists through a ritual of passing moving image works from one to the next to create an interconnected whole. 
Our zine is £3 + you will receive a private link to watch our film Short Straw.  

Ballpark’s virtual booth is open from 2pm to 7pm 

Live Broadcast on YouTube :

3pm: Screening of Short Straw (2019) by Ballpark Collective - 20 minutes 
Short Straw is a moving image work that explores the notion of interdependence in collaborative filmmaking. Employing rules from The Surrealists game 'Exquisite Cadaver,' the process of Short Straw attempts a telepathic communication between artists. Through a ritual of passing moving image works from one to the next, together each section creates an interconnected whole. 
5pm: Screening of Chewing an Old Gum (2020) by Susanne Dietz and Sun Park 
Ballpark members Susanne Dietz and Sun Park have been recommending online screenings via emails to each other since lockdown. Chewing an Old Gum (2020) collages email exchanges between Susanne and Sun as they recount hazy moments in seclusion, with daily murmurs, images and an eclectic selection of artists’ films.   
6pm:  Ballpark have invited esteemed guests Clare & Dave for their live commentary of a second screening of Short Straw (2019) by Ballpark Collective. 
Up and coming celebrity presenters and cultural commentators 'Clare & Dave' are the hosts of the hugely successful podcast The Clare & Dave Show Podcast. Not only do they talk about the really important stuff, they also play the best in pop music because they are really talented musically as well. 
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