Banner Repeater Launch of the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing (DAAP) (the bookshop will also be open for sales)

Banner Repeater is an artist-led org: experimental project space / reading room with a public Archive of Artists’ Publishing, founded by Ami Clarke, 2010. The project is driven by its location, on Hackney Downs train station, platform 1, dedicated to developing critical art in the natural interstice the platform and incidental footfall of over 11,000 passengers a day provides. The reading room holds a public Archive of Artists’ Publishing that provides an important bibliographic resource that all visitors to BR can browse, alongside a digital archive of Artists’ Publishing in development with Wikimedia UK.

Launch of the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing (DAAP)

The Digital Archive of Artists Publishing (DAAP) is an interactive, user-driven, searchable database of Artists’ Books and publications, that acts as a hub to engage with others, built by artists, publishers, and a community of producers in contemporary Artists’ Publishing, developed via an ethically driven design process and open-data methodology. A collaborative project, with the support of Wikimedia UK, inspired by the site of Banner Repeater’s public Archive of Artists’ Publishing on Hackney Downs train station, with 11,000 people passing a day, in response to the need for a similarly dynamic approach to archiving in an online context.

We have drawn upon the working knowledge of users and archivists alike, to develop a database with sufficient complexity, whilst remaining searchable, that affords multiple histories to develop, confronting issues of authorship and representation, whilst addressing the challenges of cataloguing often deliberately difficult to categorise materials. During the workshop we will open up the strategies that the technological team have developed, and how these can contribute to a more ethically driven archival process, with time for questions focussed on the ethics and biases which may be explicitly or implicitly embedded in database and archive infrastructures. DAAP is committed to challenging the politics of traditional archives that come of issues regarding inclusion and accessibility, from a post-colonial, critical gender and LGBTQI perspective.


Get your zines, artists’ books, and other experiments in artists’ publishing, ready for upload, data about the items, and any anecdotal histories you wish to share!

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