Chateau International produces books, pamphlets and editions. At ASP6 we are happy to launch IMPRINTS, a new zine by Ben K. Voss and Midge Wattles. The silver gelatin photographs made by Wattles depict drawings in snow and in sand by Voss, made intuitively using his hands, body and materials he finds on site such as sticks, stones, shells and water. The publication is risograph printed on Cairn Eco White paper, with a foil blocked cover design. IMPRINTS is available at the special launch price of £12 during ASP The Sixth. 

Other titles available include Soft Borders by Sophie Mallett; Dust, Dirt by Alys Morrison, and Leaning In On Sheryl by Harriet Middleton Baker. We will also be selling the final remaining copies of Dope and diamonds: A Lana Del Rey Reader, now out of print, with all proceeds going to the Tate Commerce Strike Fund

Video link below