Hi everyone! I’m Natasha Natarajan (she, her), a British-Indian visual artist funding an autobiographical comic strip ‘FML Comics’ and self-publishing habit through Graphic/Web Design, Illustration, Arts Administration, Education and a career that basically makes no sense on a CV. I call this multi-faceted enterprise - Chikaboo Designs.

I am interested in communicating my most intimate personal and political experiences through art. I strongly believe that it is through sharing our inner dialogues and conflicts that we can feel less alone and more fully enjoy the human experience.

I self-publish zines with this goal in mind. I like to stay close to my readers and engage in conversations; What in my work resonates with you? That’s precisely why I love the world of self-publishing. I love sitting behind tables at fairs and talking to people. I love that a lot of the work is driven by passion rather than commercial interest. I love zine swaps work and learning new things. And I love the diversity of voices and the DIY approach.

I’m sad that I wasn’t able to attend any fairs this summer so help me keep up my self-publishing spirit by purchasing my work online: https://www.chikaboo-designs.com/product-category/zines/. And saying hi to me in my video link! I’d love to introduce myself.

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