Hello, I’m Clem (they/them) and operate sometimes under the nickname Hereth. I navigate between free-lance graphic design, writing and publishing. I sustain both a mild obsession with grey things and a soft spot for fluo inks. If all else fails, my backup plan involves selling baked goods from the back of an immobilised van.

Grey Stuff is an ongoing research project using grey as its anchor point. From and through grey, it branches out to investigate things liminal and non-binary, the limits of categories and the weight of labels. The byproducts of the research take the form of a series of 4 pamphlets, which are compiled with some additional writing and images in a yearly review. chimeras have grey bones is a short essay about chimeras. a proposal describes some of the motivations behind the project and a plan to tackle labels. chauve-souris gathers observations on an old fable about a clever bat. grey guts reflects on transgender experience.

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