Halpert/Höflich is the collaborative practice of H.A. Halpert and Ruth Höflich primarily grounded in the concept of poiesis – finding new forms through dialogue, cross-disciplinary exchange and friendship.  Halpert/Höflich met at the Milton Avery Graduate School of The Arts, Bard College, New York where they graduated in 2018. Ruth Höflich is a German-born artist currently living in Melbourne where she was the Georges Mora fellowship at the State Library Victoria in 2019. H.A. Halpert, born in Canada, and lives and works in New York City, and is an AIR gallery fellow for 2019-20. 


Available titles:

The Back of Her Head Opens Into a Spout
Artists’ book, 6 x 9 inch, perfect binding, 400 pages 2019 , special fair price US$25

This artists’ book uses the bottle as a starting point for a shared inquiry. We began with an exercise in ekphrasis, determined to transfer into writing the bottles we were studying. As we described and assembled a survey of images from disparate historical and contemporary sources, we began to understand the potential of the vessel as an expanding metaphor. The book is a study in perspective, conditioning and mutation.   

The vessel is a prime object, an irreducible form—it can be elaborated in many ways, but it must always be hollow. It is a bracket marking human metabolism inside a long history of other selves; artifacts cluster like pins on a map. It is a metaphor of place—from Aristotle’s wine bottle, “the innermost motionless boundary” of the wine, to the maternal body, the lively innermost boundary of the fetus. The inside of the bottle is a point of view, a contained place from which to look outward.

A Dark Line Appears On The Horizon
newsprint, folded, 2020, special launch price US$15

This book will encompass a new body of prose, photography, and drawing co-developed by H.A. Halpert and Ruth Höflich proposing an embodied form of meteorological reporting on both the interior and exterior climates from two different geographical locations (New York/ Melbourne). These reports collected over the course of two years (against the backdrop of several crises unfolding from unprecedented Australian bushfires to the initial lockdown phase of the current pandemic), form a conversation on daily contention with qualia and elided history —the kind of (sloppy) data otherwise discarded as fictional, unscientific, considered not to exist because unquantifiable. Using self scanning and somatic reading alongside an image-based observational practice, we find the relationship between the breath in the throat and the clouds in the sky—in search of the kind of true form that truly disappears when observed from inside.

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