HONEY is a project meditating on experiences of friendship, published by n + o. Nadia (n) is a writer and Opashona (o) is a visual artist, both based in London. HONEY is an extension of their individual and collective practice exploring rituals of intimacy.

Warm, fluid, lush, sticky, Issue 1 is interested in the communities formed outside of familial ties. The edition is a self-published, riso printed zine, including essays, illustrations, collages and confessions by 14 writers, artists, activists, lovers and friends. 

The work included is tender, intimate, probing and in progress. Contributors explore the multiplicity of their relationships with others: ephemeral bonds, romantic ties, fleeting friendships, twinships of bodily experiences — and above all how the self is formed through and with others. 

All profits of HONEY #1 are returned back to our contributors to keep our community sustainable. 
Instagram: https://instagram.com/h_o_n_e_y_z_i_n_e
Shop: https://honeyzine.bigcartel.com/

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