For ASP I will be selling A4 prints of drawings which are editions of 10. 
I started to produce drawings in the year 2018 - after developing the auto immune disease Psoriatic Arthritis (made famous by Dennis Potters ‘The Singing Detective’). The drawings make up a large body of work called ‘A Gloomy Masturbation’. They function as part diary, part fantasy and part information, chronicling my own choric sickness, fixating on my many failed romantic relationships and exploring therapeutic theories of the mind and the precarious political situations of our time. 

1. Self Portrait as a hotel mini bar/ Brexit fanboys must be stopped
2. Sex Tape/ Tape Worm
3. Change Station Nothings Changing
4. Eager Beaver
5. People Pleaser/ Selfish Petitioner 
6. Victim of a Toxic Persona
7. Your body Is A 
8. 5 of cups/ 3 of swords
9. You are valued (person centred therapy)
10. Freud’s Iceberg
11. Tit Wank Rat Clamp
12. Kermit Plant 

I will be online for the duration of the fair and will do a performance called 'I’m not a woman who likes small talk no I’m not a woman who likes small talk’ at 5pm on JITSI. 

About Liv Fontaine:
Liv Fontaine is an artist based in Glasgow, UK. She works across performance, writing, video, illustration and photography. She is interested in private lives and pathological lies and particularly the space that exists between the performance and the personal.

Her current work examines stock characters and familiar narratives relating to ‘The Woman on the Edge’. She focuses on the idea of hysteria and wild desperation as the only adequate response to society. Under the performance pseudonym VIV INSANE she creates live shows that attempt to challenge notions of patriarchal privileges and sexual stereotyping and the subsequent violence of these - all the while examining her own complicity in this total orgy of depravity. 

Liv Fontaine is currently undertaking a CreativeLab artist residency at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow and has an upcoming solo show curated by Róisín McQueirns at Freehouse, London, opening in November 2020. 

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