Luca Asta is a French-Italian visual artist living and working in London. His practice subverts belief systems from Christianity to Capitalism, and their impact in the construction on one’s psychosocial identity, with a specific interest in structural and internalised oppressions. He is actively engaged in dismantling binary and heteronormative oppressions through intimate and confrontational works about structural and internalised oppressions.

‘Innocent Monster Looking for Love’ is a self published zine on the story of the creation of a being and its identity through a journey of paradoxical manifestations of subjectivity. The work embodies and questions the normal and the pathological, through thinking about the modalities of resistance against oppressions and biological destiny. It is an autotheory piece of writing about an understanding of norms, power, surveillance, capitalism, disciplinary power and fascism. Within an interest in failure, pathology and vulnerability there's at stake a critique of neoliberal resilience. Innocent Monster Looking for Love' seeks for ways to subvert power, to resist, to care, and the need of compassion.

Security Blankets III - performance by Luca Asta from Luca Asta

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