Mimmo Manes is a graphic designer and artist based in Cambridge, Uk. He presents two publications:

A reflection on the thin line that separates true from false. The need for this reflection is made more pressing by observing the fragmented and distorted reality we live. This publication aims to define the still embryonic concepts of a 'study' that will be much more systematic. Half the pages are blank so that empty spaces can be completed with drawings, doodles and sketches.
Half notebook, half sketchbook.
96 pages, A5 portrait
50 blank pages, 42 with contents.
Black&white on uncoated paper; cover on G.F. Smith Colorplan Red Bright. Perfect bound.

A series of signs, marks, graphic ephemerals created, refused and then collected during the freelancer work for countless London based studios between September 2013 and  April 2018

Publications videos:

everythingisfalse: https://youtu.be/q2IwiRC7Ukk

GoHome: https://youtu.be/qd3gFu_HrsI

Meet video: