Monday OFF – founded by curator BI Xin and artist YE Funa – is a self-publishing brand focusing on the creation of zines and art books, as well as the organization of related exhibitions, workshops, and lectures under the sub-brand Mondayitis.

We aim to illuminate the elusive boundaries of urban society, juggling cities' fringe issues with the public consensus. Monday OFF is a zoom lens into our rapidly evolving youth culture, our publication consisting of: 40% visual creation, 50% text, 10% advertisement (our ads being playful, a montage of the real and spoof).

Monday is a day of dread and despair, the noose tied tight around the neck of modern man, thrusting us back into the soul sucking shift of around the clock work. But for the artist and their art space – Monday is a day off.
And so we leave Monday OFF in your hands, hoping it thrusts you to any place other than – blue Monday.
About Issue#1 Mí Mèi
*Mí: the pinyin of the Chinese character 迷, simply translated:
‘to be crazy about’ or ‘to lose one’s way’

Mí is deeply rooted in our life – the combination of our daily exclamations, the advertisement equals the sale – mí is both an adjective and a verb. Mí is also a noun, anyone can participate in it, or even become it.

In the first issue, with our researchers, writers and artists, we explore the following issues as:

#Fan Quan(fandom), a fangirl’s daily routine
How to “raise” an idol - Internet-based thinking and participatory star-making platforms
The D8 Expedition and “Little Pinkos”
The collective identity construction of the online subculture population within the context of the 3rd wave Cyber-nationalism in China
Flesh bots, inversed proxy politics, and realpolitik in the age of data flow
The democratic election issues involved in China’s 48 girl/boyband production
The creators and consumers in the age of UGC
Alpha Beta Omega dynamics’ gender issue & fan literature

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