Nervemeter magazine is sold on the streets by homeless and vulnerably housed people mainly in London, but also Manchester and Glasgow.

We are an independent, non-profit organisation entirely dependent on your donations to pay for the printing of magazines.

Nervemeter tries to come out approximately once per quarter depending on fundraising efforts. Nervemeter magazine is created by artists who donate their work and time to the project for nothing. All production and design work is done for free.

Unlike the Big Issue, we do not ask our homeless vendors to purchase our magazines to sell at a profit. We give these out in batches for free. We ask for nothing back. All money stays with the vendors.

We carry no advertising. Some of the content we publish is unpalatable to advertisers. Each issue explores a different subject. Past issues have looked at housing, mental health, the lies we are fed by those who govern us.

Nervemeter is not a registered charity. We don't trust registered charities and you shouldn't either. We are a charitable org and are 100% transparent, which means every penny you give us goes on printing and nothing else.