53 Beck Road is an artist run project space situated in the front room of a terraced house in Hackney, East London. Ceramicist Karen Bunting and painter Peter Bunting have lived and worked on Beck Road since the late 70s and their children, also artists, Johnny and Lola Bunting, grew up there. The exhibition program (currently on hold) is co-ordinated by Lola and has been running since April 2013.

For ASP6 will be showing a selection of artist publications which have been produced alongside our program and in collaboration with artists and friends we have worked with over the years.

Images below: Forbidden Worlds, Will Thompson, 2019; Yellow sunshine, yellow pee, Sarah Lederman, 2020; Artist books by Johnny Bunting, 2019; On Land, Alex Crocker and Ian Homerston, 2018; Publication by Lola Bunting, 2019; An Alice Pink, Sarah Lederman and Lola Bunting, 2018; Seven Views of Geneva, Peter Bunting and Piece of Paper Press, 1995; Throw a stone for the last stone thrown, Johnny Bunting, 2018; Zeiram, ed. Mathis Gasser and Lola Bunting, 2017; Tyrants & Sirens, Yana Naidenov, Sofia Stevi and NachNeben, 2015.


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