R.I.P.GERMAIN - Dat Tyron Lookin' Yout;
THE RIGHT LUBE - The Right Lube Variety Show;
Richard Sides - Quotidian Theatre;
LOLINA & SCRATCHA DVA - Lolin' & Scratchin'

Stream starts at 2pm,

Lola, Ruth, R.I.P. Germain, The Right Lube and Richards
side will be streamed twice, and ending with the finale, Lolin & Scratchin' at 7pm

Lola Bunting
Lines drawn in dust
Lola Bunting, Johnny Bunting and Sarah Lederman, September 2020

‘Lines drawn in dust’ is a collaboration between artists Lola Bunting (London), Johnny Bunting (Amsterdam) and Sarah Lederman (London) made at a distance during the summer of 2020.

Credits: Lola Bunting, selected readings and videos from 2020; extract from That thin air, 2019.

Johnny Bunting - readings from A hymn to Apollo, poorly told,  and short films, 2020.

Sarah Lederman, drawings and readings from, Yellow Sunshine, Yellow Pee, self-published artist book, 2020.
Assembled by Lola Bunting.

Music credit:Under the Sand, Album - Private Dreams and Public Nightmares, Daphne Oram, Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle, ℗ 2012, Aperture Records


Ruth Angel Edwards
Trip in me 2020


Official website of submerging artist Ruth Angel Edwards:

R.I.P. Germain
Dat Tyron Lookin' Yout (2020)

Part I
1 £70 Supreme bag
1 celeb doppelganger
0 - 1 guns
R.I.P. Germain
10 - 20 blank - eyed strangers
Ego; machismo; morality
Compassion; dread

These are the ingredients for 'Dat Tyron Lookin' Yout', R.I.P. Germain's account of an attempted robbery and a forced reckoning with his own practice, priorities and moral limits.
R.I.P. Germain refuses to segregate artist from subject, from community, from audience. His work consciously obliterates those categories which allow us to passively partake in culture without responsibility. In this video, reflecting on the 15 minutes of escalating conflict, and 6 minutes of decompression, he invites you to ride the train with him, from Farringdon to West Hampstead, and confront what it means to live, work, perhaps to die, without the luxury of those distinctions.

Part II of Dat Tyron Lookin’ Yout, this visual essay, and the accompanying video presentation, make up the official, historical record of a fleeting crisis in the artist’s life. Images from R.I.P Germain’s research archive sit alongside lyrical reflections, in a work which functions as a discreet, emotional snapshot, the precarious closure of an unresolved conflict — physical and ethical — and an introduction to the argumentative modes used throughout his wider practice.
Words from Amelia Scott.

R.I.P. Germain - Dat Tyron Lookin' Yout (2020) (I/II)
Length - 30 minutes 20 seconds

The Right Lube
2 trans chancers tryna write criticism for love & money (building an army to eliminate the cis and/or capitalism)
The Right Lube Variety show
Credits : by Maz Murray and Hava Carvajal

insta: @therightlube
twitter: @therightlube

Richard Sides
Quotidian Theatre
by Richard Sides & Reece York

Lolina and Scratcha DVA
Lolin’ & Scratchin’

Lolina and Scratcha DVA